My name is Alexis Williams, and I am originally from Tampa, FL. I’ve lived and worked abroad as a teacher from 2009 to 2019. Currently, I am based in Oman with my husband (Ian: who works full-time as a teacher) and my dog (Winnie: who’s currently unemployed).

I am a full-time poetry and short story writer. On this site you’ll have access to a selection of my original poetry as well as a collection of my favorite poems of all time. Check out my social media platforms (below) to learn more about me and to read a wider range of the things I create!

Social Media Platforms

  1. Instagram (@exisflor): Here I share my original poetry, thoughts about life and what I’m currently reading on a daily basis.
  2. Wattpad (@AlexisFW): I share poetry here as well, but you’ll also have access to short stories and works of fiction I’m in the process of writing!