My name is Alexis, and I am originally from Tampa, FL. I’ve lived and worked abroad as a teacher from 2009 to 2019. Currently, I am based in Oman with my husband (Ian), dog (Winnie) and cat (Milo).

I write articles for MMP Associates, and I creatively write short stories, poetry and personal narratives. On this site you’ll have access to my poetry. I post personal narratives and short stories on my Medium.com account. Definitely check out that site to read my other (longer form) creative writing pieces!

My first book of poetry (in eBook form) can be purchased and downloaded from Amazon Kindle. It is called, I Was I.

My work has been published online with The Journal of Undiscovered Poets (Where I’m From) and The Innovation (The Forgotten Why). I am also currently working on writing a second book of poetry and personal essays (Working Title: Back to Birth) about my life and relationship with my recently deceased mother.

You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok for daily updates on my life as a writer and a general human person. I hope to see you there!