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100 Word Story

100 Word Stories.pngSubmitted to Reader’s Digest on May 3, 2019:

“The Little Black Girl Who Stole Something”

I was shopping for the perfect birthday gift upstairs while my mom searched downstairs. After finding a hilarious t-shirt, I took the escalator down, feeling elated…until I met a woman’s scornful stare. I’d done nothing wrong; I’d seen others doing the same. Still, I ran and hid behind my mother, heart pounding, watching the escalator for my accuser. Then, the eternal sting: woman and security guard, gesticulating, screeching, describing. I tensed as the word black left her mouth. Like a snake’s venomous bite. Her memory still scares the little girl inside me, because I cannot deny life’s intangible truths.


If you’re interested in giving this a go and submitting a 100 word story, check out details here.

Basic Story Submission Rules:

  • The story must be a real-life experience for the writer.
  • The story must be written in 100 words or less.


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