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Bacopa Literary Review

Poetry Submitted: May 17, 2019

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Poems Submitted

Hopelessness Realized

Sometimes hope is like a prayer unheard.
For once your heart speaks the words,
       They dissolve into the night air
       And your mind awakens to despair.

A Stranger Amongst Strangers

I float in a sea
Of yellow hair
And shiny rings
Full of promise
And as these waves
Toss me about
I realize
I cannot drown.


Birmingham, 1963

Those hours in 1963
Water spewing, rawing
Their supple skin
My kin

Those spirits in 1963
Bodies lowing, bowing
Their fragile frames
My gain

Those forms in 1963
Actions changing, rearranging
Their social stance
My chance

Those souls in 1963
Courage unfailing, railing
Against Their Strife
My life



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