The Experiment, On Hold

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I am struggling with the loss of my mother. There are a great many things that I want to say, to write, to do. Unfortunately, I am completely and thoroughly blocked from writing most things. I keep starting and stopping writing projects, each time thinking the new idea I will be exploring will be “the story.”

I think that my writing here needs to focus mainly on my mother: what I know about her, what I don’t, the waves of sadness, the periods of peace…and what is now coming to light about my mom now that she is gone.

So many secrets are coming out. So many questions are being answered and sparking new ones. Questions I never thought I would ask about my mom. I will follow this thought process through writing in a series called, “Aunt Baby.” I hope that it will not come to a resounding halt. I need to process my grief and all the new information coming to me about who my mom was before I knew her.

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