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All the Tomorrows

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash.jpgPhoto by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Veins saturated with lead
My head, barely lifting
Eyes open to a glaze
And I’m defeated
Before I began
As the living begin their living
So do the voices in my mind
Guilt, Fear, Shame, Sadness
Dancing gaily round and round
Smothering any spark or hope
I had the day before
They continue their
March macabre
Stomping everything
To ash
Singing gaily all the while
Not today, tomorrow
Not today, tomorrow

I succumb to their trance
Keep the curtains
Tightly closed
Refusing the light of day
And I attempt to lift my head
No more
Today is not the day
To hope or make a change
So I’ll live in sleepless sleep
Contemplating the numbing purr
Of my Captors’ deathly dance
And their song
Relentless gusts of cold
Numbing me from living on
I succumb to living death
Singing ruefully along
Not today, tomorrow
Not today, tomorrow


Hello all. I am a full-time writer who is constantly trying to find her voice. I write fiction, non-fiction and poetry. These days I'm really into writing poems and short stories, but I like to dabble in all forms of writing. Please don't hesitate to leave me a message, to give me feedback on a piece you've read, to follow my page and to share my website with others. I'm really trying to grow as a writer and find my audience, and that will only happen through dialogue and connection! So I'm here and happy to engage with you. Have a good one, and hope to see you around here sometime.

1 comment on “All the Tomorrows

  1. That dance is one of death
    and you already are aware
    not today, but tomorrow
    if you remain over there
    it’s because from the trance
    to be free you don’t dare
    I know it’s a difficult task
    also, your captors aren’t fair
    permission don’t need to ask
    to turn up your soul’s flare.

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