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A Quiet Cove


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Submitted: October 26th, 2019
Submitted to: Once Upon a Bed
Status: Rejected
Caveat: It’s a really cool site that aims to regenerate the spark in a relationship for couples who need a little nudge. Check it out if you’re interested. Also, romance writing is kind of out of my wheelhouse, but I thought I’d give it a try nonetheless…despite the rejection, it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Story Pitched:
You’ve been on two of the most amazing dives of your life. Your body aches and your mind buzzes with the flashes of color memory: beautiful coral reefs, vibrant and curious marine life. You even encountered a few friendly sea turtles in your underwater explorations. Too bad your friends didn’t join you on this trip.

It’s just you and the captain of the small diving boat. He’s been quiet and unobtrusive, but not in a calculating way. He’s treated you kindly and provided for you. You suspect he’s taken you to sites that larger groups would not have gone. 

As the waves crash against the boat, while heading back to the dive center, a beautiful cove catches your eye. The waters are a vibrant aqua blue. The waves are gentle and slow, taking their time to undulate towards the small strip of diamond white sand glittering on the private beach. 

As if he can feel your desire, the captain changes course straight for the hidden cove. You smile and feel your yearning rise and transform into something deeper, something more primal than the need to explore a secret place. You know he feels it too as the boat stops just a short swim away from the quiet shore. 

It feels like the two of you are the only ones in the world now, and you have the freedom to follow whatever impulse moves you first. Suddenly, you’re glad your friends didn’t come after all…

Hello all. I am a full-time writer who is constantly discovering her voice. I write poetry, personal narratives and short stories. I'm always open to reaching and connecting with new readers, so leave me a comment or question. Let's start a dialogue! Don't forget to follow me here and on Twitter/Instagram (@exisflor).

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