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Windows and Reflections

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash.jpg
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

I used to stand outside your window
Too afraid to make a noise
And I watched all of your mysteries
Flow around you like thick perfume
As I watched in silent wonder
Not knowing what I saw

When you turned and faced that window
At first I cowered low
Too afraid to let you feel
My presence
Watching, waiting, longing
For our perfect moment

But with time I became braver
Even dared to lightly tap
Against the glass that separated
Your world from mine
Though you never really noticed
Still I waited, ever patient

You never saw me waiting
Tense and hopeful on the other side
No, you never looked beyond your reflection
Towards the child who wanted you
How I needed you so badly
To save my hope, dissolving 

Now your spirit’s dissipated
Your body below the earth
And like a fool
I keep waiting
Looking through the dusty glass
Still hoping to be let in

Alexis Williams is a writer and a freelance proofreader/editor. She currently lives in Oman with her husband who is a full-time elementary school teacher and photographer/visual artist. Please don't hesitate to visit the About Me & Contact Info page to learn more about Alexis and how to communicate with her directly. Also, don't forget to follow her page!

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