Poetry Writer

Between two makers

Photo by Maicol Narea on Pexels.com

Body stretching
Arms reaching
Desperately trying
To hug the moon

She stood

Cold and Distant

Voice calling
Tone pleading
Desperately trying
To speak to the sun

He remained

Deaf and Blind

In between two celestial beings
In between my two makers

I have no connection
with the moon
I have no comfort
from the sun

I have
no home
no tether
no bond
which holds us


Alexis Williams is a writer and a freelance proofreader/editor. She currently lives in Oman with her husband who is a full-time elementary school teacher and photographer/visual artist. Please don't hesitate to visit the About Me & Contact Info page to learn more about Alexis and how to communicate with her directly. Also, don't forget to follow her page!

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