Poetry Writer

Ridiculed, Oppressed

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When you raised your voice in urgency
I saw a lonely black man
Surrounded by a horde, impenetrably light
Being told what to do
Being told his place

When you laughed in frustration
I saw my immigrant mother
Surrounded by a foreign tongue
Barraged by language, not her own
Barraged by compassionless judgement

When you sneered on in silence
I saw my anxious self
Surrounded by numerous, unknown norms
Belittled for not understanding
Belittled for not catching up

Hello all. I am a full-time writer who is constantly discovering her voice. I write poetry, personal narratives and short stories. I'm always open to reaching and connecting with new readers, so leave me a comment or question. Let's start a dialogue! Don't forget to follow me here, on my Twitter/Instagram (@exisflor) and YouTube Channel (Alexis Attempts to Write).

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