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Supplication, Resignation

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This poem has been edited but was originally written on 2/18/18 during a particularly difficult time with God.

Good Lord,
If this is Your Will
Then it must be so.
Even if
You make me Reap
What I have not Sown

If this is Your Plan
What am I to do?
Other than
Submit myself
And be Your Fool

Nothing is left
Of You and I:
You offer me
No other path
But to wait and die

Hello all. I am a full-time writer who is constantly trying to find her voice. I write fiction, non-fiction and poetry. These days I'm really into writing poems and short stories, but I like to dabble in all forms of writing. Please don't hesitate to leave me a message, to give me feedback on a piece you've read, to follow my page and to share my website with others. I'm really trying to grow as a writer and find my audience, and that will only happen through dialogue and connection! So I'm here and happy to engage with you. Have a good one, and hope to see you around here sometime.

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