Short Stories

First Draft Collection: Mommy, Tell Me More

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Mommy Tell Me More is a story for kids. A mom and her little girl are talking at night. The girl has many questions about things that happen to her mom. Though they are difficult questions to answer, the mom uses storytelling to help her daughter understand why she is sometimes unwell. It is a story about love, understanding and honesty between a parent and child. 

COMING SOON: Illustrations by Ian J. White

Mommy, Tell Me More is a short story in a set of short stories I’m writing as a “First Draft Collection.” I’m writing them merely for the satisfying act of finishing something. There are a handful of short stories I’ve started over the years, and I am forcing myself to just complete them: beginning, middle, end. All of these stories need heavy rewrites and editing if I am ever to make them actually good. But the “First Draft Collection” is not about being good. It’s about being DONE.

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