Short Stories

First Draft Collection: Tiny Tina

Photo by Tarik Haiga on Unsplash

Tiny Tina is a story for kids. It’s about a young girl who is the only child in her village. She is often overlooked and misunderstood, living in a world full of big people who’ve forgotten what it’s like to be little. One day a dragon comes to the village in search of someone who will help her solve a problem, and Tiny Tina is the only person willing to take on the task.

Tiny Tina is a short story in a set of short stories I’m writing as a “First Draft Collection.” I’m writing them merely for the satisfying act of finishing something. There are a handful of short stories I’ve started over the years, and I am forcing myself to just complete them: beginning, middle, end. All of these stories need heavy rewrites and editing if I am ever to make them actually good. But the “First Draft Collection” is not about being good. It’s about being DONE.

1 comment on “First Draft Collection: Tiny Tina

  1. Love the concept of being DONE

    Unfinished work is the worst kind x

    I wish you lived in the UK. I would enjoy being closer to you in every way x

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