Short Stories

Ellie with Joe

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A lipogram written for The Literal Challenge

“Huh?” Ellie responded, feigning confusion.

“There’s nothing more,” the guy confirmed.

“Just once more, right?”

“You know she won’t be.”

Ellie took herself over to the girl with long, brown locks. She lowered herself onto the bench next to her. Then she spoke without introducing herself:

“Do you like shows?”

The girl with long, brown locks furrowed her brow. She looked over Ellie to confirm if she spoke to her. “Yes…?” 

“Well then you should know. There’s this cool show coming to town tomorrow. It only costs ten bucks to see it. It is the best show ever. With fireworks, delicious food, drinks, funny video clips, jokesters, clowns. Everything you could think of.”

“How do you know I’ll like it?”

“It’s for people just like you.”

“You don’t know me.”

“Oh, but I do. You’re Nye.”

The girl with long, brown locks froze. She never met Ellie before. How did this person know her? She stood up quickly, feeling terrified. Ellie giggled before she pointed to Nye’s shirt. She wore a uniform with her moniker sewn into it. Nye loosened up. She giggled too, though still nervous, resuming her spot next to Ellie.

“Why did you tell me this?” Nye wondered.

“You just looked like someone who would like shows,” Ellie responded simply.

“Well…I don’t.”

“Sure you do.”

“Seriously, I don’t. Now go somewhere else. You’re weirding me out.”

“Sorry,” Ellie replied, touching Nye’s shoulder.

Suddenly, Nye froze. But this time, she didn’t feel nervous. She felt numb. Ellie’s trick worked. Now Nye would comply. Simply touch the body, then they will be yours—someone told her once before she got good with her trick of subduing others. First, it felt like something uncommon but fun. She did it only to help people feel secure, to feel like they were protected when they felt unsure. It felt good to help people feel good. Then Joe found out her secret. He bullied her, stole her from her home. Now, she used her power for things like this. She despised doing this, but there were no other choices for Ellie. He controlled her completely.

She knew Nye would follow her everywhere now. Nye would do everything she told her to do. This girl with long, brown locks would join dozens of other people, now under Ellie’s control. Under Joe’s control, to be correct.

She didn’t know why Joe forced her to do this. She didn’t know how he would use them. She didn’t know when Joe would tell her she had subdued enough people for his devious, unknown schemes. But she was petrified with fright thinking of the purposes she suspected. 

It would not end well, she knew this for sure.

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  1. Deborah Porter-Walker

    Oh I like this one! I particularly the final sentence x

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