Sonnet # 1

The first sonnet for the series: "Brutally Honest Conversations with God"

Most of my life they said you were The Way.
I’m sorry but I have so many doubts.
Fear-mongering kept me from turning stray; 
but could not silence the internal shouts.

So here I stand between two worlds I’ve known:
one filled with promise and Eternity; 
the other claims to hide away the Throne—
Alas, the latter makes me feel more free.

Which way do I allow my heart to go?
A question that demands an either/or:
Upward to heav’n, or down to depths below.
Depends on what I use my lifetime for…

One question on my heart ever remains:
To live for me or for the God who reigns?

2 comments on “Sonnet # 1

  1. In awe of your poems!


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