Free Verse

Charissa Finds Sweet Water

Written for a friend I made through a creative collective: Constellation

Release and be happy 
dear twin for you’ve finally 
found your sweet water

Though your beginning 
was bound in a system 
not your own, 
praise the Universe! 
you’re in sweet water now!

It flowed down on you 
like a waterfall and 
pooled at your feet

Breathe it in, dear twin, 
that purity, that joy, 
in the form of 
two little wailers 
that were alive in you 
and also life itself

Their dear little cries, 
like music rushing down 
crashing into you; and 
with a simple “hello” 
they knew you 
before anything else

Go on twin, swim 
in that sweet water, 
float around and feel 
connected to
the family you built 
and the family you 

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