Don’t Stop There

Don't stay down. Every little fight for progress matters.

Yes, the world is
a terrible place
But don’t stop there

Yes, the world will
spit in your face
But don’t stop there

Yes, the world is
unfit to care
But don’t stop there

Yes,the world is 
often unfair
But don’t stop there!

Reshape It
Rename It
Change It

However you can
For as long as you are able

I write poetry and I'm trying to write full-length books. I also do a lot of talking about the books I read and the things I write here on Wordpress, on my YouTube channel (@the_happy_booknerd), on my Instagram account (@exisflor) and on my TikTok account (@the_happy_booknerd). Hope to connect with you sometime on any of those platforms. And as always: I hope you're doing okay.

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