Poetry Writer

Dark colors, dark colors

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

And corners, and corners
All covered, all covered
And dusted

Heart rusty, heart rusty
And festered, and festered
All broken, all broken
And busted

Dark shadows, dark shadows
And phantoms, and phantoms
All shouting, all shouting
And piercing

My mind, my mind
And blood, and blood
All empty, all empty
And freezing

Hello all. I am a full-time writer who is constantly trying to find her voice. I write fiction, non-fiction and poetry. These days I'm really into writing poems and short stories, but I like to dabble in all forms of writing. Please don't hesitate to leave me a message, to give me feedback on a piece you've read, to follow my page and to share my website with others. I'm really trying to grow as a writer and find my audience, and that will only happen through dialogue and connection! So I'm here and happy to engage with you. Have a good one, and hope to see you around here sometime.

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