Free Verse

Your Eyes Up Close

You have these eyelashes
that fan and curl
and send my heart racing
as quickly as its feet will carry it
around a mile-long track
and I cannot help but love
how breathless I feel, and
the sweat that leaves
salty trails on my skin,
because it is me and you

You have these curves
along the edges of your eyes
that form broad rivers
when you smile,
and I cannot stop myself
from jumping in and letting the
current take me wherever it wills

You have these freckles on your cheek
that dot around like stars
your own mini universe mapping out
the tremor of your laugh when
something tickles you into a fever
and I am engulfed in those moments
and fall into laughter with you
as easily as I fall into your embrace
and wrap it round me like
a soft, well-worn blanket

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