Free Verse

Anger, in Four Parts

Part 1: Irritation

Pulsing veins tick
to the hum
of a quaking 
bomb, clicking 




Hairs vibrating
across thin layers
of papery skin,
swatting at invisible
crawling pests

Ears spilling over
the edges 
with a
tuneless throbbing, 
with an 
endless numbing rhythm
that buzzes like
a mocking mosquito

Lungs ballooned 
and heavy with 
vicious words, ready 
to strike
with every
and spill 
their victim’s blood

Hold fast!
Stand guard!

(Pray, don’t come near.)

It is only a 
matter of
time, of
a straw on a 
camel’s back, of
being in 
the wrong 
place, of
a flicker of 
the eye





Hello all. I am a full-time writer who is constantly discovering her voice. I write poetry, personal narratives and short stories. I'm always open to reaching and connecting with new readers, so leave me a comment or question. Let's start a dialogue! Don't forget to follow me here and on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok! (@exisflor is my handle for all three sites)

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