Free Verse

Anger, in Four Parts

Part 3: Disgust

The smell of It
the acrid bile
of It’s breath
has me feverishly


It’s very presence
has my skin crawling, 
writhing in protest 
and has me obsessively


It is a putrid sludge
that slides down 
my skin, like 
sticky, hot brown
that has me helplessly


It spools around 
my stomach and 
washes acid 
through my guts
that has me painfully


It envelops me 
It coils It’s sinewy, 
lustful arms around
my trembling figure
that has me unendingly


about all my calloused fears
about all my spiny bristles


about every hand that smacked my cheeks raw
about every ear that turned deaf to my cries


Until It becomes I 
and I become It
and there are no 
boundaries between
what It has done to me
and what I will do to

everyone else






Hello all. I am a full-time writer who is constantly discovering her voice. I write poetry, personal narratives and short stories. I'm always open to reaching and connecting with new readers, so leave me a comment or question. Let's start a dialogue! Don't forget to follow me here and on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok! (@exisflor is my handle for all three sites)

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