Free Verse Poetry

Butterflies from Long Ago

I hope the butterflies will remember me
when I am long gone from here.

Maybe they’ll share new secrets with
different flowers; perhaps they will spill
some of my own into those waiting ears.
It no longer matters: those moments
of mine they are certain to reveal

about me.

I am gone with the setting sun.
I am carried away with light
that tangles into a soft wind.
I am off to new adventures, to
a different kind of living than
the one I had

with my butterflies.
Maybe they miss me.

But I think I can take it, if
they slowly lose the memory of
my skin, my laugh and my lips.
They are just butterflies, after all.

I’ve started a new existence
in some place where the secrets
we once whispered to each other

could not take root.

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