Free Verse Poetry

Don’t Fear the Dance

A poem for Marissa. And for everyone who needs to find their fearlessness.

Sometimes the spotlight’s 
going to find you
And when it does, 
don’t fear the dance.

Sometimes your friends 
will reach the summit before you.
And when they do, 
don’t fear the dance.

Sometimes you might 
not like the moves.
And when you don’t, Marissa—
Don’t fear the dance!

You’ve got moves 
no one’s ever seen.
You’ve got a rhythm 
that’s all your own.

And when you believe it 
and know it, you’ll be able 
to evict that silent judge 
that lives inside of you; that 
lives inside all of us 

And when he finally goes, 
you’ll never again 
have to fear the dance.

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