Free Verse Poetry

For Aintza on Her Wedding Day

You were blowing 
birthday balloons 
for the husband 
you just married 
that day

And you filled 
each one 
with the joy 
you had inside you: 
the light you radiated, 
airy like the sunshine 
illuminating the room 
as you filled 
each balloon
to bursting

When your mother 
came in, she sucked 
it all away; she cleaned 
you out; she took 
the joy and 
the light and 
turned you into 
something more 
rigid; she left you 

But you, beautiful Aintza; 
you would not be 
waylaid; not on 
your wedding day; 
you found your
strength and reclaimed 
your air, your happiness; 
and you filled each 
birthday balloon, knowing 
it was your day; and his 
(no one else’s)

What a marvelous wonder 
you are, Aintza, 
finding that strength 
in yourself; reclaiming 
your air; you once said 
my story 
transformed you 
and gave you 
new light and 
creation; but 
the truth is 
my dear: 
you did it 
for yourself

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