Metered Poetry

I don’t want echoes 

in my home.
Empty spaces, 
left unknown.

I want closeness; 
heart to hearts.
I want stories 
by a roaring hearth.

I want to know you 
and be known.
I want your voices, 
loud and low.

I want little footsteps
running round.
Lifetime laughters 
to always abound.

To be loved 
and relied upon.
To give you my shoulders 
to cry on.

I don’t want empty 
spaces, left unfilled
in my home. I want a 
love that will never wilt.

Empty spaces and echoes,
wherever they may be
are not the homes
meant for me.

I write poetry, personal narratives and short stories. I'm always open to reaching and connecting with new readers, so leave me a comment or question. Let's start a dialogue! Don't forget to follow me here and on Twitter and Instagram! (@exisflor is my handle for all three sites)

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