Metered Poetry

The Cry

Written February 4, 2001 at age 15

I pulled the gun up to my head

and made my mommy cry.

I still cannot believe

I wanted to end my life.

My daddy asked me why I did it

and when I had no reply;

He silently broke down in front of me,

and killed something, deep inside.

To see this strong man weep before me,

truly, a depressing sight.

I thought, “Look at the pain you caused, Alexis.”

Why did I want to die?

I had some problems with my mom

and even now I still do.

But never again will I try

a stunt that was so cruel.

To kill myself before her eyes;

Before this woman who gave me love.

Would be the greatest sin to commit

in the eyes of the Creator above.

And like my mom explained to me once:

how God gave me life.

So whether I like it or not

He alone can choose if I live or die.

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