Free Verse Poetry

Somewhere Near Cleveland Square

there exists a cacophony, a gaggle
liquid loose legs stumble, some 
step more purposefully across 
miles of concrete, what a toil 
it is, below a rush of

smoke and hints of 
lasnight’s piss; noses crinkle 
in disgust before opening and 
following the flora of 
pastries and fried meats of 
crisp ciders by the pint
then crinkle again; here the 
world is vastly dreary and 
utterly predictable

then suddenly there are two pots of 
purple-pinkish flowers: they see 
everything of that world below 
(and all of its troubles) still they 
bloom, still they flower

the cacophony may not cease
nor may the gaggle of
legs flocking ever stop; and
the concrete miles will go on forever
while the stale smell of urine 
overpowers promises of buttery rolls
coupled with bubbly brews

still there are those two pots of flowers:
who know deeply the troubles of 
the World below; still they bloom,
still they flower, though no one
ever looks up

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