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Mainly, I’d like to discuss interesting things I’ve read. Perhaps I’ll start with books and branch to other forms of media (e.g. articles, essays, etc.). But for now, let’s start with one of my favorite things on the planet – BOOOOOOOOOKS!

Also, here’s a link that you can use to access a (frustratingly incomplete) list of books, poems, plays, short stories, etc. I’ve read over the past three decades or so….check it out if you’re curious…

52 Book Challenge

2020 Book List: I started a bit late, so I may end up a few books off by the end of the year. However, this list is a list of the books I like to buy but never take the time to sit down and read. (I am an unabashed book hoarder.) Hoping this challenge will be a good exercise in reading as voraciously as I used to in years past. It also would be cool to have read the majority of the books I own in their entirety. Another bonus is that I can finally start writing some book reviews to add content here, and perhaps start some fun discussions with fellow erudite bibliophiles!


Book Reviews
1. (Auto) Biographies
2. Classics
3. For Kids
4. General Fiction
5. Non-Fiction
6. Young Adult