Image by Ian White CC BY-ND
(My super hot and talented husband.)

I have been avidly writing since my mom bought me my first journal when I was eight. Hell, I was even writing before I knew how to form the letters of the English alphabet. From these beginning instances of writing love to now, I have encountered many friends, family members, teachers, strangers who all have shared a piece of their writing passions with me. From them I’ve learned how to develop my voice, enjoy the writing process, form coherent arguments and follow my writing whims wherever they take me.


  1. Fiction
  2. Poetry
  3. Personal Narratives

I’m also in the process of creating a YouTube channel (also called “Alexis Attempts to Write“) where I openly share the ups and downs of the writing process in short, bite-sized videos. Subscribe to the channel, so you’ll be the first to know when my first video “How the Hell Did I End Up Here?” drops!